So you wanna be a MUSICIAN? What? I can’t hear you!

So here you are watching a live concert of an artist you waited for 6 months to see, or you are watching a video of a live performance and you feel almost high, as if you took a drag of something really good and suddenly you witness this epicness.

How do you know it’s epic?
Because it speaks to you like nothing else speaks to you. Because you feel like this is the best thing you have ever seen or heard in your life!

That singer is a suffering through every lyric that you understand and can relate to. That guitar player takes a solo and all the girls go ape shit over his every move, the bass player is a bad ass with his feet apart and bass up in the air, and the drummer is an animal beating on skins like it’s his last day on earth. As you stand there, you say to yourself, “This is what I want to do with my life! I want to be just like those guys on stage! I want to be a musician!”


You are in a sweaty club, the lights are low and the anticipation is building because a super electronic duo from Britain is about to get on that stage. You paid $250 for that ticket and you are watching the stage. Finally they come on, the drum machine goes on, the guy grabs a guitar, the girl grabs a mic and from the first sleazy lyric you are hooked because she said, “I am gonna have you anywhere,” and that girl is barely wearing a skirt, and she is super hot. You think to yourself, “This is what I want to do with my life, I wanna be a musician!”

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And from that first moment, when you just screamed out into the universe what you want to do with yourself, the universe listened and replied back: ”Well shit, then do it!”

You go back home and start thinking, “That’s it! I am going to be a musician and I am going to make it and I am not going to work a boring job and I am going to sell millions of records and everyone will love me!”

Sorry to be a BALL BUSTER, I will tell you off the bat,
“It’s a long way to the top if you want to ROCK-n-ROLL”
You say, “Hey, Elvis did it by the time he was 21.”
Someone will say, “You are not Elvis.”
And you will say, “I don’t care! I still want to do it.”
And your parents will say, ”It doesn’t pay, you will make no money.”

And the moment you say Fuck you all! I still wanna be a musician!
Then my lambs, I will tell you that starting a band is an impulse of the royal blood of great emperors.

If you feel like you want to be a musician, that means you must feel that you have something important to say. You also know you’re embarking on an important journey that will require love, sacrifice, courage, stamina and lastly, again, LOVE for what you do. Without that strong foundation of LOVING what you do, you will get into the very difficult situation where you are going to say, Fuck It! I don’t want it anymore! If you don’t have that love feeling as your base, then you will find out you are in it for the wrong reasons.

Answer 3 of the most important questions:


This way you will start focusing on what you want from the beginning.

This should be the reason WHY you want to make music? Why are you driven to do it? Why are you even here reading this?

What is it that you are going create? For Example, I will create Rock / Electronic music for the Appreciative fans that will travel 1000 miles just to listen to my song, because I bring honesty and I mean it. This is just an example.

Now think about it, how are you going to do it? How are you going to make the kind of music that people will drive 1000 miles just to come see you play? Are you going to do it by being a singer/songwriter, an electronic duo, a power trio, a band of four, maybe five?

So yes once you have answered those questions to yourself, you just told the universe the 3 most important things, and the universe listens.
It will start rotating the wheels of karma, time and space to bring what you want forth.

But it’s not just enough to say it, I suggest writing it down as an affirmation.

An affirmation is a declaration of your intent or will on paper, screen, or someplace where you could see it everyday and read it to yourself over and over.

As the time goes on and you keep looking at your affirmation you start realizing that things are slowly coming true, but you gotta do your work.

Let’s move on to the next big topic, how to start looking for band members

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