Church Cinema debuts an album of down tempo shoegaze singles

It’s a cool band name, is there any subliminal meaning to it?

“Write the rose as scar
crash no name,
represent the
unknown with your presence, free and bleeding
for not finding comfort
in the usual,
live life as a dream
from the church cinema.”

The name came from a poem I wrote in a moment of crisis where I found love being on the edge. As time goes by I feel that this concept represents my life. I remember the night that I download the poem from where ever it was, below or above. I thought about Jim Morrison’s cinematic art romanticism as my girlfriend’s mom at the time just came to visit and decided to take her daughter away from me because she was in really bad shape.

How did the idea for this album come about?

Andres: So the album was going to be 12 songs and every song had a specific stencil art piece representing each song, so I was thinking to share the record as an art installation.

This creative process took a long time and because of some unexpected series of events that happened the  project couldn’t be realized in the time frame I had planned after over a year of not giving it any attention I  ended up choosing one of the stencils as a cover without thinking too much. Even it wasn’t the main piece I did for the cover art. I feel  it symbolizes the mix of experiences, emotions, intentions. Desire, etc that are conjured in each song and represent the spirt that glue the whole pice.

Who are the musicians, singers any producers?

Andres: I wrote recorded, mixed, and produced all the music. All the songs were written with bass. And there are no guitars, just layers of bass, synths, and drums. Josiah Sumerlin wrote lyrics vocals and  Melodie’s, except most of the lyrics, loving you I can’t stop. We knew each other for a long time and we had times when our life journeys related to each other so I felt even though we were on different sides of the spectrum at the time we were still working on this record. I related to his lyrics as he related to the music.

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Church-Cinema-Josiah - Singer
Andres Lopez ( Song Writer )
Josiah Sumerlin (Vocals)

It’s a very distinctive sound on those tracks, what are your influences for this album sound?

Andres: I feel like a few ideas were influenced by Oakland days years ago and others from hopeless moments in San Francisco. The songs were transformed from being in the mountains in Utah during the pregnancy of my first kid waggy and me coming back to life from a near-death experience.  Of course, I feel like my soul is tainted with melancholy and Robert smith, Kevin Childs, Ian Curtis, Alan Vega + many more… They all had to affect my life and inspired me to express through sound

Where was this recorded?

Andres: It was recorded in Montecristo highway, Huntsville Utah .. with whatever was available at the time.

Brian Jonestown or Dandy Warholes?

Andres: Brain wholes for jouncing Dandy candy.

Who are the songs about or was there any connecting themes?

Andres: Songs talk about different things but they old interconnect with each other … like there’s hunger, loneliness, madness, struggle emotional, financial spiritual, and rejection. Broken heart .. indulgence, losing hope in dreams and life .. . That ugly part that lives in all of us .. but also represents a part of the culture that sometimes is unappreciated and needs to be pursued.  What’s valuable even if it costs not having the mundane comfort that most people try to achieve in this society besides the relation between light and dark.

Any words of inspiration for a younger listener?

Andres: Songs are like babies .. babies are pure and fragile but wiser than any adult.

Where can someone find your latest album?

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