The Speed of Sound: From Manchester to Aural Psychedelia

“Raw and edgy sound with guiding and invigorating sense of melody” The Spill Magazine

“Unmistakeable sound a winning formula” ~ The Big Takeover

“A triumph of industry, imagination and talent, coolly novel and damned addictive” ~ Louder Than War

‘Unique and other worldly” ~ Vive Le Rock

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“A blend of disparate creative threads woven together into a cohesive and fantastic design” The Swindonian

“A form of Art-Pop that is wry, incisive, yet a deeply listenable examination of post industrial culture” Rock At Night

“A riotous maelstrom of musical mayhem” ~ The Manc Review

Manchester underground outfit The Speed Of Sound present ‘Blood Sweat And Tears’, the darkest song on their acclaimed ‘Museum of Tomorrow’ album; where buzzing fuzz guitar lines emerge from a delicate acoustic introduction to intersect with the crashing chords and the ‘bulbous pulsing’ rhythm section (Record Collector Magazine).

‘Blood Sweat And Tears’ raises a punk rock fist of anger for the downtrodden at the structural economic forces that simultaneously drive high rents and low wages in the dystopian reality that is the 21st Century, where a living wage is insufficient to live.

This song represents a cry for humanity at the inhumanity of corporate indifference. Protest is never useless. In the video, a dreamlike high street shopping scene forms the visual backdrop, where people are recast as mere consumers and resources to be exploited.

Hailing from Manchester, The Speed Of Sound’s music is optimistic, but with lyrical bite, a punk-inspired DIY ethos and lust for experimentation rooted in psychedelia. Formed in 1989 with a pre-history dating back to the day Andy Warhol died in 1987, The Speed of Sound lies deep below the ‘music industry radar’, allowing for the evolution of their own distinctive sound and live act.

The Speed of Sound is made up of father and son John Armstrong (guitars and vocals) and Henry Armstrong (keyboards), Ann-Marie Crowley (vocals and guitar), Kevin Roache (bass guitar) and John Broadhurst (drums).

‘Museum of Tomorrow’ is out now via Big Stir Records. Released 32 years to the day when the band’s debut EP saw the light of day in 1989, the new LP is available digitally, on CD and limited-edition 170g heavy weight vinyl (black and colour).  Find the album on Apple Music, SpotifyBandcamp and Big Stir’s website.

Written by John Armstrong
John Armstrong – guitars and vocals
Ann-Marie Crowley – vocals and guitars
Kevin Roache – bass guitar
John Broadhurst – drums
Henry Armstrong – keyboards
Recorded at Vibratone Sound Studio, Manchester
Engineered by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest
Mixed By Adam Crossley, Chris Guest and The Speed Of Sound
Mastered by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest at Vibratone Sound Studio
Sleeve front / Artwork by Local Hotel Parking

01. Tomorrow’s World
02. Opium Eyes
03. Smokescreen
04. Zombie Century
05. Wired And Tired
06. Virtual Reality (Part 2)
07. Shadow Factory
08. Impossible Past
09. Leaf Blower
10. Blood Sweat And Tears
11. Charlotte
12. The Day The Earth Caught Fire
13. Last Orders

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