Rock Stars with their Pets. This will make your heart melt!


1. Alice Cooper

If you have ever seen Vincent Damon Furnier, a.k.a Alice Cooper perform live, then you know that snakes are a part of his act. Snakes do not just get locked in a box after a gig. They are also a big part of Cooper’s personal life. Cooper has had several serpents over the years. They have been given names such as Cobra Winfrey, Count Strangula, and Julius Squeezer… His latest snake is a three year old boa who is named Christopher. The constrictor’s name is a tribute to Cooper’s close friend, actor Christopher Lee, who passed away in 2015. Apparently, when Alice and Christopher are not on the road, Christopher enjoys watching T.V. with Cooper and his wife, Sheryl Goddard.

2. Siouxsie Sioux

Photo Credit: Perou for Dazed and Confused

Susan Janet Ballion. Of course the whole world knows her much better by her stage name Siouxsie Sioux. She is the front woman and founder of the band, Siouxsie and the BansheesMillions of her fans have come to understand that Siouxsie Sioux enjoys the company of feline companions. It’s been rumored that she takes her kitties on tour with her. Could it be that we are catching a glimpse of the inspiration behind Siouxsie’s beautiful and iconic make up? That is one lucky kitty!

3. Iggy Pop

Photo Credit: Carol Friedman

As you can see, James Osterberg Jr. better known as Iggy Pop has no problem bearing his soul for love. It was quite brave of him to have this absolutely gorgeous kitty draped around his shoulders with no shirt on. But, honestly, are you really that surprised? We’re talking about Iggy here!

4. Beyonce Knowles - Carter

Photo Credit: Splash

 Whenever Beyonce Knowles – Carter has down time, she takes full advantage of spending quality time with her family. Here she is with daughter, Blue Ivy and an adorable canine companion.

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5. Slash

Photo courtesy of the greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

Saul Hudson, who adopted the name Slash, when he joined Guns N’ Roses loves snakes and reptiles! So much so that he is a trustee for the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA). Here he is with actress and animal rights activist, Betty White and his red tailed boa constrictor.

6. John Lennon

Photo © Ethan Russel.

 Former member of “The Fab Four,” singer, musician and songwriter John Lennon grew up loving cats. He and his second wife, artist and poet Yoko Ono had several feline companions, while they were married.

7. Ice - T

Photo © Tom Briglia / FILMMAGIC

Rapper Tracy Lauren Marrow a.k.a. Ice T is a passionate dog lover. He is particularly partial to bulldogs. Here he is with his wife, model Coco Austin and their beloved dog, Sparticus.

8. Frank Zappa

Photo © Lynn Goldsmith

Multi – instrumentalist, composer and bandleader, Frank Zappa was an all around animal enthusiast. He had quite the menagerie during his lifetime. Here he is sitting with one of his beloved canine friends.

9. Stevie Nicks

Photo © The Guardian.

Stevie Nicks is a singer / songwriter and founding member of the legendary rock group Fleetwood Mac. She also is a dog lover. Here she is featured with one of her Yorkies.

10. Sir Elton Hercules John

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, better known by his stage name songwriter, pianist Sir Elton Hercules John. A dog was most definitely Elton’s best friend. His beloved dog Arthur was best man at his civil union ceremony to life partner David Furnish. Arthur recently passed away leaving Elton and his whole family completely devastated. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Rockstars get to travel all around the world and perform at some of the world’s biggest venues, like Madison Square Garden. They have millions of devoted fans, chanting their names and buying their albums… Sometimes, we see rockstars sitting next to famous fashion designers in the front row at fashion shows. We see them driving fancy cars and wearing the latest styles and out at the best nightclubs. Rockstars are seen are frequently on the arm of some of the most beautiful people in the world. We see them on jumbo -trons and in videos and magazines. Some rockstars go on to become actors.

Some of these rock and rollers have more money than they can spend in one lifetime. Some have a team of “yes” men or women on call 24/7, to make any wish or desire they have come true. Or at least it seems that way… 

But a lot of us fail to recognize that rockstars have to spend an incredible amount of time away from their families in order to do their jobs. That touring can be grueling and exhausting! Yes, their jobs tend to be a lot more glamorous than regular everyday nine to five jobs like most of us have. But it is still work and it can be hard!

 Sometimes the decadent, “all access” rock and roll lifestyle makes it challenging to keep a marriage together, to stay sober, or sane. It can be hard to feel any type of normalcy, when your life is like a fantasy. But rockstars are people, just like us. Sometimes, we forget that… That they have feelings and emotions just like us. That they love and miss their families including their beloved furry an reptilian friends. 

An animal does not know or care whether a person is Elvis Presley, or Joan Jett. An animal is not going to tell a superstar “yes” all the time. A rockstar can come back down to reality with their pet and truly be themselves. They do not have to put on a show… It is a completely honest relationship. Perhaps that is the most appealing thing about having a pet for a rockstar.

Article written by Ash Andersen

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