Everything about recording and choosing the right recording studio with Oliver Palomares.

Rock-n-Roll.biz: A few words about yourself and the studio/s you work at?

I am an Audio Engineer/Mixer since 1996. I work at Excello Recording in Brooklyn NY & Fenix Studio in Staten Island NY, and also I freelance in lots of other studios (studio G, metrosonic, chung king, premiere, etc) around the city.

Rock-n-Roll.biz: What kind of studios are they?

They both are 100% Analog with 2”, ½”, ¼” tape machines and/or HD Protools system. Excello has a 42 ch Calrec series B analog console from late 70’s and Fenix has a 72 ch SSL 9000J superanalog console that used to be in a pretty famous place in Midtown Manhattan.

Rock-n-Roll.biz How would you recommend choosing a studio for the musician looking to record the next album?

Get a good Engineer.
Room matters a lot, but having a close relationship with your engineer is more important, especially if he is experienced.

Rock-n-Roll.biz: Do you think the equipment you record on is important? Is it only about the equipment?

It could be, but not all the times. You need a good talent to generate a good source therefore you will achieve a good recording..

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Rock-n-Roll.biz: How should musicians prepare before a recording session?

Learn the parts of your music/band/lyrics to the fullest, (unless is a 30 day lockout and writing process is part of the recording).

When they arrive to the studio without knowing their songs to the fullest it consumes a lot of time and affects the project, especially if that band is on a BUDGET.

Rock-n-Roll.biz: Do you think price is important when choosing the right studio?

Well now-days people value their money more than their art, so price does matter.
Example: tracking in a ssl room in NYC is going to be pricey, or tracking in a studio with protools and a few mic pre’s is way lower than the ssl room, but the sound is completely different.

Rock-n-Roll.biz: Can you give some advice on what to do and what not to do at the studio? ei: drinking or when getting stuck on a song?

To do: Be prepared , Bring your own instrument (drummers specially) , producing your own band and is your 1st experience in the studio is risky, I advice to talk to the Engineer and do a pre production planning before enter to the studio.

Ps: don’t let drummers drink or smoke pot before recording their parts because they will get lost (physically) and wont hit the drums the same..

Rock-n-Roll.biz Describe the most epic moment from your recording experience…

Wow there’s a few but this is about Rock & Roll Lol. in January 2002 I was working at a studio as an Assistant Engineer next to the MSG and I was supposed to assist Zakk Wylde B.L.S. session, but something happened that the engineer didn’t show up, so Zakk ask me “Do you know how to drive this thing” referring to the SSL 4000G console. I said yeah, and I ended up working with him as his ENGINEER until the end of the record. A week later he was playing with OZZY in Japan, Budokkan. I saw the DVD later on and I noticed that ZAKK hasn’t changed his clothes since that session Lol. m/

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