10 All Time Worst Christmas Songs Ever.

If you have ever worked at a shopping mall during the holiday’s, then you understand why most employee’s cringe when they have to put on the holiday playlist. But, what are the truly worst of the worst? The ones that concur the sounds of the proverbial nails on a chalkboard? Well, ultimately this list is subjective. But, we are reasonably confident, that you will agree with the ten selections on this list

#10 Justin Bieber "Miseltoe."

If you already disliked Justin Bieber. then hearing this holiday tune will elevate your hatred of Bieber, his voice and his music to a whole new level.

#9 Paul McCartney / Wings - "Wonderful Christmas Time."

,No one is perfect… For a man, who has written wonderful songs, such as “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude,” it was bound to happen, that Sir Paul McCartney would eventually write a truly bad song. “Wonderful Christmas time sounds like McCartney got out the Casio keyboard and decided to use all the horrible sounds in it’s special effects cache.

#8 Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town."

 Listening to Bruce Springsteen screeching the chorus to this song slightly out of tune, is pretty unpleasant. You can imagine having to try very hard not to roll your eyes, while your old cantankerous, drunken, Uncle Joe, is attempting to perform a really bad Christmas song, that he has written. 

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#7 Twisted Sister "Oh Come All Ye Faithful."

For fans of long haired rockers making Christmas albums, Twisted Sister will make people feel sorry that they made the effort, with this number.

#6 Madonna - "Santa Baby."

If you’re like me, you never want to hear or think about Santa Claus being sexualized. Hearing Madonna do her rendition of this song is equally disturbing.

#5 Bon Jovi "Back Door Santa."

Upon hearing the lyrics of this Bon Jovi song, one realizes that it has very little to with Santa or the Christmas spirit…

#4 Tiny Tim - "Santa Claus Has Got The Aids."

Something even more horrible than sexualizing Santa Claus, is to think about him acquiring A.I.D.S… This is possibly the oddest song written by singer and ukulele player, Tiny Tim.

#3 The Killers "Don't Shoot Me Santa."

The Killers “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” imagines Santa as a homicidal maniac. The lyrics are pretty dark and disturbing. Not very cheerful.

#2 John Denver "Daddy Please Don't Get Drunk This Christmas."

John Denver chose to immortalize childhood traumatic memories in a song. One really has to wonder what Denver was thinking when he wrote this one…

#1 Lou Monte "Dominic The Donkey"

Perhaps the reason why Dominic the Donkey did not become a well known Christmas character, like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, is because his theme song by Lou Monte is so awful. In fact, it makes our list as the worst Christmas song!

Article by Ash Andersen

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