Ithaca indiepop artist Rose Alaimo unveils intimate & relatable album ‘A Place To Go When You Need To Hide’

Today we are pleased to introduce our readers to an artist who hails from Ithaca in our very own state of New York. Solo artist Rose Alaimo may not be a complete newcomer to the music scene, but now she is branching out state-side and even internationally on the strength of her third album ‘A Place To Go When You Need To Hide’. With a gorgeous voice that is both malleable and sensitive, here she proves herself to be an incredibly talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  While we should feel honored that Alaimo has let us into her world through bare, emotional introspection, another hidden gift in this album is that this just leaves you feeling very good.

When weighing the appearance of light and darkness throughout the motifs and vibes of this long-player, it is fair to say that her music lays in the more positive realms of her own personal ying-yang. Even in those spots exhibiting melancholy, a silver lining manages to shine through. Hopeful and emotive, this record follows Alaimo’s internal struggles as she finds her way through darkness to exercise her own will-power, freedom of choice and self-empowerment. 

“‘A Place to Go When You Need to Hide’ is a concept album, a story, about the high highs and low lows of life and how they can be a lot to navigate without losing ourselves in the waves. About how we all have a place inside of ourselves, where we can go when the world gets to be too much – where we can stop for a moment of stillness and, from here, actively *choose* how we want to move through whatever circumstances life presents us with. It is loosely based on the quote “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. And in that space lies our freedom and power to choose our responses. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” by Viktor Frankl,” says Rose Alaimo.

“These songs were written during the worst parts of Covid, amid massive political unrest and racial tension in the US, an uptick in school shootings, the onset of Russia’s war on Ukraine, and more generalized anger and tension between people than I have ever seen. These events also coincided with difficulties in my personal life, including a massive period of burnout surrounding my career and being diagnosed with long-term post-infectious Lyme disease. Lyrically and musically, the album chronicles parts of my own path as I navigated through this period of darkness.”

Alaimo also presents the video for the album’s first single ‘Stars’, which is about finding an unexpected moment of stillness in the midst of a crazy world.  multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Rose Alaimo writes, sings, performs, programs, records and co-produces her own music. Additional production and mastering was provided by Jamie Hill (Nada Surf, Zola Jesus, House of Pain), at Department of Energy Management in Tacoma, WA.

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Having been involved in numerous music projects to date, she assimilates a diverse range of genres (from rock, metal and blues to folk and a cappella) into her own music. She also has a special obsession with creating vocal harmonies and is a veterinarian and vegetable farmer. 

The emotional range of this album mirrors the intense highs and lows of life, from soft and dreamy lullabies, where we remember those we have loved who are no longer with us (‘Stars’), to anthemic, thrashy songs protesting Russia’s war on Ukraine and some of the unethical and dangerous world leaders we have seen at work over the last few years (‘Resist The Force’) . But there are also bright, upbeat pop-rock songs with shimmering vocal harmonies, calling us to remember and honor the interconnectedness that exists between all of us (‘Power Lines’).

Several pieces, inspired by dark blues and psychedelia, explore the difficulty of letting go of old, familiar, toxic patterns for something new and healthier due to the fear of making changes in a world that feels increasingly unstable (‘The Devil That You Know’). The album wraps up with ‘Here I Am’, a grounding and hopeful reprise medley reminding us of the stillness and peace that we can find, even in times of trouble, and the importance of cultivating that peace – not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us.

Rose Alaimo debuted with her acoustic-based album ‘The Importance of Centers’ in 2019, followed by the gritty and anthemic ‘Grow’ in 2021.  Rose’s lyrics trend toward the dreamy and existential with a voice that has been most commonly referred to as “honest.” As a session musician, she has also collaborated on other projects with artists from Paris, Australia, LA, Alaska, and South Africa.

A Place To Go When You Need To Hide’ is out now and available via fine music platforms, including Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music .

Music, lyrics & arrangement by Rose Alaimo
Rose Alaimo – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, fretless bass, banjo, mandolin, theremini, percussion, MIDI and electronic instruments, & drum programming
Produced & mixed by Rose Alaimo in Ithaca, NY
Additional production & mastering by Jamie Hill at Department of Energy Management, Tacoma, WA
Artist photos by Kate Catalano-Collins
Publicity by Shameless Promotion PR

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