New electro-punk album by Nuclear Family Fantasy “Leavin’ This Place”

I recently stumbled upon New York’s Nuclear Family Fantasy’s latest album and gave it a listen.    The whole album feels like one statement in the style of electro indie grunge punk riding on top of programmed drum beats, catchy piano melodies, well arranged electronics and raunchy guitars. Mossy Ross, the main songwriter of the band, her voice is quite a journey, a mix of Cat Power with PJ Harvey with an attitude of Peaches. Songs are catchy and start growing on you on the first listen.  

So R-n-R sat down for an interview with and here is what she said. How did Nuclear Family Fantasy came about for you? It’s quite an epic band name. 

“I created Nuclear Family Fantasy six years ago, around the time when my last boyfriend went missing. He was struggling with addiction and mental health issues. I felt powerless to help him then, and I also ended up struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues before, and especially after, his disappearance.This band has been an outlet, and a way for me to try and raise awareness about the resulting impact of being brought up in a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, violent, patriarchal society like America.

RockNRollB - Get Paid to Write - 970x250 What is your music about? Is there an idea behind it? 
My songs convey the struggles with addiction and mental illness that sometimes result from trying to survive in a world that still wants us to believe in the attainability of the traditional American Dream. When did an idea for an album come to you? 

Our third album was originally intended to be recorded live in a studio in early 2020, with me on bass and drums, and my guitar player…but I’m sure you know how that story ends! I ended up recording it on Garageband during the lockdown, and taking it to my friend Kelsey Warren to mix, produce and re-record quite a bit of, since I’m a total amateur at Garageband. What is your album sound? 

I was going for a PJ Harvey meets Sade sound, and modeling the album after Deftones’s “Saturday Night Wrist,” which has a variety of different genres in the one album. What’s in the future for you and the band? 
I have a fourth album in the works, that will undoubtedly be balls-to-the-wall, live rock and roll. But I’m happy I got to do, albeit out of necessity, something that was always unthinkable to me – record an electronic album. It gave me a chance to explore different sounds and textures.

Track List:

Written by Mossy Ross
Mixed and Produced by Kelsey Warren
Mastered by Michael LaVaque

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