Hamann, a prolific musician from Peru releases captivating sonic experience “El mar en invierno”

1. Is it your solo project? Who are the main musicians in this project?

Yes, I do a lot of different music under my own name, some experimental stuff and Songs , this album is about songs, the main band in the album is the same band I was playing with when we started recording around 2017 , Javier Manrique on lead guitar , Sandro Torres on bass, and Carlos Freyre on drums, I play everything else.

2. Album has a very epic feel on this, is there an underline concept for this album?

No, the whole sound of the album came very naturally, it was just like “the new songs”, but with time it started to get some shape , some recordings where dismissed and I have to record some more stuff to fit with the rest of the album.

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3. Tell me how long have you worked on this?

Really since 2012 I started to write this bunch of songs and finished the recording in 2019 just before the pandemic, the mixing and mastering were made during the pandemic.

4. What were the main influences when you were writing this?

I think mostly david bowie, the cure, and a lot of that stuff, a lot of some 90s doom sound, like type o negative, tiamat or my dying bride, but I grew up listening a los of south american and spanish rock and pop bands, so a lot of my stuff really comes from there.

5. Where was this recorded? Any guest musicians?

80% of the album was recorded in “dragon Verde studios” in Lima, and some other elements and vocals were recorded at the Hertz House and other stuff in my house. the Guest musicians are, Hernando Suarez playing bass in 1 track, Joi Paredes, and Alessandra Pinasco doing backing vocals in different songs.

6. U2 or Echo and the Bunnymen?

Zooropa, was a big influence on my whole guitar sound, when it came out I was 12, and it blew my mind.

7. Do you think being from Peru has an influence on your sound or lyrics?

Totally, first in the sound, south American rock has a lot of influence from Europe, for us is the same to listen to American bands or Europeans, but also South American rock in itself, people like Gustavo Cerati or Charly Garcia. Second, in the lyrics, there´s a particular point of view about life if you are from Perú, Nihilism is taken to another level Hahaha


8. What are your lyrics about, what makes you write them down?

Sadness, loss, emptiness, but not confusion, I realized most of the rock rollers are not rebels, they are just confused, so the lyrics are very clear in accepting pain as the main way to grow, not escaping from our own human emotions.

9. Where can someone find your latest album?

10. Any words of inspiration for a younger listener?

There was a time before the internet when we, as young kids, were free, my music really tries to find freedom in itself, and I hope you can enjoy it.

Interview by Dmitry Wild

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