East Coast collective The Pull of Autumn unveils ‘Opening / Closing’ feat. Kraig Jordan

Once upon a time there was a UK-based collective called This Mortal Coil, who introduced a revolutionary concept for the time (the early 1980s) – namely, a revolving door of artists involved in the creation of a smorgasboard of musical output surrounding the work of two artists (Ivo Watts-Russell and John Fryer). With the first being the king-pin of 4AD Records and the second being the label’s main ‘go-to’ producer, it came as no surprise that most of the artists contributing to this project were also signed to this epic, groundbreaking label – the label that brought to light the genre we now know as dream pop.

Fast forward to the 2020s (or even a few years earlier) and we find another collective, whose format honors this tried-and-true approach. Their name is The Pull of Autumn and today we are delighted to introduce their latest single ‘Opening / Closing’ featuring Kraig Jordan and the accompanying video. 

The second taste of their fifth album ‘Memory Tree’this single follows ‘I Was Just Dreaming’, which features Boston artist Bruce MacLeod on vocals. 

Born from the reflective period as the world began to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. Crafted by the songwriting duo of Kraig Jordan and Guy Benoit, and recorded at Plan of a Boy studio in Providence, Rhode Island, this track is a poignant exploration of reentry into a transformed society.

Kraig Jordan explains, “Opening/Closing” harnesses the raw emotions and experiences of its creators during a time of global uncertainty and change. It features a rich blend of acoustic and electric guitars, layered with a diverse array of percussion, capturing the essence of renewal and the complex emotions tied to reengaging with the outside world. When I sent Daniel Darrow the stems to work on he expressed he wanted this add an electronic element to the song via electronics and synthesis, the results are an exciting take on electro – acoustic music”    

Daniel Darrow adds “I first heard Kraig’s music through a friend, who worked with him on a electronic project called Nerve Pill. Noting that Kraig’s tastes in music were similar to mine, I began exploring his music to find he is a great songwriter and artist. I’m excited to have contributed to this track, which touches upon so many styles of composition and shared memories of a strange and often lonely time.”

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The ‘Memory Tree’ album, described as “a melancholy remembrance of moments in time and life”, will be released via Boston imprint RBM Records on CD and digitally, two years after The Pull of Autumn’s ‘Beautiful Broken World’ album, which involved several music luminaries, including The Pop Group’s Mark StewartLiving Colour’s Doug Wimbish and producer Adrian Sherwood.

The Pull of Autumn is a revolving-door collective lead by Rhode Island artist Daniel Darrow of 80s post-punk group Johanna’s House of Glamour and core members Bruce MacLeod, Matthew Darrow and Luke Skyscraper James (I.R.S. recording artist Fashion). Each release involves a revolving door of notable and emerging artists, both from the local music scene and further abroad. The band’s debut 2018 eponymous album was followed by ‘Afterglow’ in 2019, ‘Small Colors’ in 2020 and ‘Beautiful Broken World’ in 2022.

‘Memory Tree’ features contributions by such artists as Philip Parfitt (The Perfect Disaster)Ricky Humphrey (This Twisted Wreckage)San Francisco-based artists Leigh Gregory and Julius Manning, Berkeley singer-songwriter Sophia Campbell, and two local music legends – Rhode Island Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame inductee Paul Everett and producer, songwriter and artist Kraig Jordan. 

‘Opening / Closing’ is available exclusively via Bandcamp, where the ‘Memory Tree’ album can be pre-ordered. On May 31, this record goes live across all digital music platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

1. Memory Tree (feat. Daniel Darrow)      
2. Walter Benjamin (feat. Leigh Gregory)              
3. Freedom’s a Thief (feat. Sophia Campbell)            
4. Lovely Fellow (feat. Luke Skyscraper James)        
5. The Dolphins (feat. Paul Everett)                          
6. Awakening (feat. Leigh Gregory)                          
7. I Was Just Dreaming (feat. Bruce Macleod)        
8. Lines Written (feat. Philip Parfitt)                            
9. A Shrine to Past Memories (feat. Matthew Darrow)
10. Lost Time (feat. Julius Manning)                        
11. Flow Motion (feat. Ricky Humphrey)                    
12. Opening / Closing (feat. Kraig Jordan )

Produced & Mixed by Daniel Darrow                          
Mastered by Bruce Macleod                            
Cover painting by Paul Everett

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Photos by Matthew Darrow

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