Austin electronic producer Paris Music Corp. offers the perfect chill

Texan electronic and ambient composer Paris Music Corp. a.k.a. John Andrew Paris presents ‘Almost Lost’, the second flowing single from his self-titled album, following up the lead track ‘Light Speed’With 14 tracks on offer, this is his first record in half a decade, the previous release being the ‘Rewind’ LP in 2017.

“This song came about as a result of me fooling around with some layered loops I had created with my guitar that sounded a little ominous. I had put them on the shelf for a couple of days and could not find the files, thinking I had lost them. When I found them, I decided to write something about an almost lost space transmission, says John Andrew Paris.

“Coming from a soundtrack background, in which I have scored music to existing video, in this case, I had to make a video to my music and these images are what I envisioned. This music is meant to be listened to intently and is for those who are open-minded to hear something different. I aim to create aural adventure in the headphones, but also something that compliments long car rides in the country.”

John Andrew Paris hails from Austin, where he has spent decades creating music and collaborating with numerous artists, including Arthur Brown (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, perhaps best known for his hit single ‘Fire’), as well as DJ Rev Kathy Russell, DJ Lucas Ray, Catastrophe Ballet, Le Reve, Life’s Eyes, Beast of Eden, OBOYO and Don Wigwam.

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Influenced by such artists as Mick Karn, Pink Floyd, Gary Numan, Tim Hecker, Casino Versus Japan and Miles Davis, John Andrew Paris has also scored 2 independent films – the historical documentary ‘Andy Paris: Bubble Gum King’, also released as an album, and the short horror film ‘Spectral Wind’. He has also created a clever electronic rework of ‘Lord of the Dance’ for the Austin Christmas Collection Album.

“I wrote, recorded, and mastered this album in my home studio in Austin. While I have since relocated to Brownsville, this IS an Austin, TX record. Most of it was conceived during the pandemic. Some pieces pre-dated the pandemic in an embryonic state, but 2020 is when I got down to the business of getting those early pieces completed and the new ones written. My inspiration for these pieces is that you never really know when you will pass on so you best be doing your greatest now,” says John Andrew Paris.

Paris Music Corp
Photo by Jennifer Paris

Cinematic and ethereal, Paris Music Corp. music is ambient and spacey electronica. Often with elements of 80’s darkwave and ambient soundscapes, his trademark sound includes heavily processed guitar and bass instruments locked into layered loops and further manipulated using software. Also employing live hand percussion, these dense soundscapes take the listener on a sonic journey to otherworldly places.

The ‘Paris Music Corp.’ album is available now everywhere digitally, including Apple Music and Spotify. It can also be ordered directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

1. The Original Orb
2. Almost Lost
3. Spiral Arms
4. Light Speed
5. New Blue Norther
6. Witch Harvest
7. Mitosis
8. Miles
9. Rust
11.Desolation Birth
12. Here It Is
13. Timeline
14. What Language(…are you speaking?)

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